Buddy project

Will you lead the way to the library? Or take someone to the market? Read more

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Language lessons

Would you like to practice Dutch, English or both with refugees? It is possible in a group and face-to-face. Read more

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Biking lessons

Do you want give biking and traffic lessons? You are most welcome! Read more

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Dinner at home

A good neighbour is worth more than a distant friend. Invite a refugee for coffee or dinner. Read more

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Music 'op schoot'

Want to make music with refugees? Let us know. Read more

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Creative together

Painting, clay modelling, craftwork, drawing, making music, singing… Do you enjoy that? Read more

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Chat stall

Want to talk about refugees with fellow Wageningers? Come to the market one Saturday per month. Read more

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Ideas about a cool sporting activity? Want to take part? Read more

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Welkom Winkel

Want to help in the store? Or do you have useful things for refugees? Read more

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Photo project

Getting to know refugees through pictures. Want to join? Read more

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Jazz for refugees

Jazz in Wageningen gives tickets to refugees. Read more

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Building together

Wageningers and refugees are converting an empty building into housing units.  Read more

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Drivers wanted

Sometimes we need transportation for our activities. Can we ask you? Read more

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"Je betreedt een huis niet omdat er een deur open staat, je betreedt een huis omdat er een hart voor je open gaat."

Perzische uitdrukking