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On the 21th of february, 35 buddy couples met each other for the first time. The buddies enjoyed a festive, multicultural buffet together. In four months time, all buddies will get to know each other better by engaging in fun activities together. After this period, the buddy trajectory will end with a festive closing party. Welkom in Wageningen started with Buddy to Buddy in 2020. Buddy to Buddy helps refugees to get out of isolation by linking them to citizens in Wageningen. This can create valuable friendships between people who otherwise would not have met. Sandra Labree, board member of Welkom in Wageningen: "Welkom in Wageningen wants to bridge the gap between newcomers and Wageningen. This project offers opportunities to get to know new people and other cultures in a fun, accessible way. The Buddy contact is an enrichment for both newcomers and Wageningers. This project will make a lot of people happy." Would you also like to have a Dutch Buddy? Send us an e-mail and leave your phone number ( or contact our coordinator Esmee by calling or sending her a WhatsApp.

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Welkom in Wageningen in samenwerking met Buddy to Buddy


Coördinator Esmee (0641040092)



Als buddy vervul je een belangrijke rol in iemands leven. Doe je mee?  Vul dan ons aanmeldformulier in, dan nemen wij contact met je op.