Building together

The offer of affordable homes is limited. Architect Pieter Roza came with the idea to renovate an empty building into homes together with status holders. We are going to realize 6 homes in the former child day care ‘De Kleine Wereld’ (translated: ‘The Small World’) in the Nude area. Five families with a staying permit and one family from Wageningen are going to live here.

The new residents will work under supervision of a professional contractor. In this way the new residents will learn a craft and also the Dutch language. The ‘Huis van de Wijk’ (translated: ‘House of the Neighbourhood’) is ready to give them a warm welcome. Design studio Roza has a wish: ‘If the turnout is positive, then we can repeat this formula in other buildings and municipalities.’


Ontwerpburo Roza

Sandra Labree

Herenstraat 32

6701 DL Wageningen


(0317) 465 880



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