Chat stall ('Kletskraam')

Would you like to talk about refugees to fellow citizens? Come and meet us! You can find us once a month from 11am till 3pm in the ‘Kletskraam’ (Chat stall) on the Saturday market.

At the chat stall we give information and we are engaging in a conversation with people who have questions about refugees, like;

  • What should happen in Wageningen in your opinion? Or what shouldn’t happen?
  • What do you think about the ‘Leemkuil’, the current asylum centre for refugees in Wageningen?
  • What are you fears when you hear about the arrival of refugees in Wageningen? Or are you not afraid at all?
  • Are you welcoming refugees with open arms? Or do you want to know more first?
  • Do you want to help?


The next time the Chat Stall will be on the market: Saturday 4th of June from 11.00-15.00 o’clock.



Pauline van Tuyll




Wil je meedoen met dit initiatief? Kom dan langs op de markt, je bent van harte welkom!