Language lessons

Dutch is very important. It is, obviously, the most effective medium to make contact in the new surroundings of the refugees. It is not easy to learn Dutch. Arabic and Tigrinya are not really that similar. Hence, refugees could use some help.

Dutch is being taught at the POL (literally "Process Reception Location"). Volunteers are currently investigating computer programs that could help. Cobi and Marian teach children aged between 6 and 12. Aditionally, there are Dutch lessons for both young and old. Both activities are held three times a week. Do you want to help? Please send an e-mail to the coordinator of the Dutch lessons at the POL, Kees Bos.

As a buddy of a refugee living in the city, you can also help practicing Dutch or English. You can sign up as a buddy via


Walter van Dongen



Wil je ook taalles geven? 


Je kunt ook maatje worden en zo taal oefenen.