Walking with women

It takes a bit to get accustomed with The Netherlands, especially for female refugees who are coming from countries where women and men do a lot separately. We are making it easier for women to participate by organising activities especially for them.

Every week some Dutch women are going out with women from the Leemkuil. There is a different group every time, as people are coming and going at the Leemkuil every week.However, the atmosphere is always good. The women are strong and we are walking in every type of weather. Children also join sometimes. It is satisfying to see how they enjoy the fresh air and the surroundings, even when it rains! Women from different countries are walking and having fun together, even though they often don’t speak the same language.

The route and the activities are not the same every week. The coordinators Simone and Anita: “Afterwards, we sometimes playing shuffleboard (‘sjoelen’), or another time we drink hot chocolate or tea with apple pie when we are warming up at the fire place at the information centre of Renkums Beekdal, or we walk to the sculpture garden. On our way we try to exchange information or we practice Dutch words while we are enjoying the surroundings. When the temperature rises in spring we will think about other games to play in the forest or we will organise a picnic. The activity is easily accessible as well for the women as for the volunteers, there is little to organise and it is fun to meet each other and do something together.

Would you like to join? You can sign up at Simone Kortbeek. We already have 3 new volunteers; Marjan, Hanna and Monique. Continuity is very important and we can expand our activities when we are with more volunteers. So don’t hesitate!


Bewegen met vrouwen

Simone Kortbeek





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